Faculty and Staff

Holy Family School is blessed with a wonderful group of teachers that excel at their work.  Their passion for their students translates into a nurturing and dynamic classroom environment where children thrive.  Our faculty is supported by a staff of individuals that keep things running smoothly every day. 

Position Name Email
Principal Laura Parise hfelem@youngstowndiocese.org
Secretary Rhonda Gaines rgaines@youngstowndiocese.org
Kindergarten Tricia Morgan tmorgan@youngstowndiocese.org
1st Grade Jessica Fryda jfryda@youngstowndiocese.org
1st Grade Jessica Wolfe jwolfe@youngstowndiocese.org
2nd Grade Shari Sfara ssfara@youngstowndiocese.org
2nd Grade Samantha Manning smanning@youngstowndiocese.org
3rd Grade Lissa Oslin loslin@youngstowndiocese.org
4th Grade Renee Abbattista rabbattista@youngstowndiocese.org
4th Grade Cassie Donofrio cdonofrio@youngstowndiocese.org
5th Grade Marilyn Hammerton  mhammerton@youngstowndiocese.org
6th Grade Nicole Clark nclark@youngstowndiocese.org
7th Grade Jean MacIntyre jmacintyre@youngstowndiocese.org
8th Grade Caroline Mulhall cmulhall@youngstowndiocese.org
Algebra Jean Wargo jwargo@youngstowndiocese.org
Art Elizabeth Kovalik ekovalik@youngstowndiocese.org
Computer James Stickel jstickel@youngstowndiocese.org
Music Jessica Havalo jhavalo@youngstowndiocese.org
Physical Education Kristin Holcomb kholcomb@youngstowndiocese.org
Band Jessica Havalo jhavalo@youngstowndiocese.org
Spanish Stephanie Markey smarkey@youngstowndiocese.org
Cafeteria Director Mary Ann Ramsey hfcafeteria@youngstowndiocese.org
After School Care Cathy Calo ccalo@youngstowndiocese.org
Auxiliary Clerk Sara Ford hfaxclerk@youngstowndiocese.org
Speech Therapist Anne Marie Raymer  
Special Education Teacher Debbie Fisher debbie.fisher@youngstowndiocese.org
Title 1 Teacher Beth Bodine Beth.bodine@hfspoland.org
Nurse Jeneane Beato jbeato@youngstowndiocese.org